Our venture began in 2004
with the aim of designing and building machines and
accessories that would simplify the tissue converting industry through innovation.

Thanks to the association of the founding members, who combined more than 5 decades of experience in the engineering sector for tissue paper converting, our company was founded in 2004 to offer design, construction and assistance of machines and accessories for the simplification of the converting industry of tissue paper through technological innovation.

It all began with the start-stop rewinder model S60, the first and only fully electronic automated line on the market, the progenitor of the entire current series of United Converting Tissue machines. This model has allowed our company to win the trust of numerous customers around the world who have been able to discover the advantages of United Converting Tissue’s technological innovation.

A further step forward towards new frontiers of innovation was made in 2008, with the first model of fully automated rewinder, developed by migrating the technology of the S60 model and integrating it with the brand new patented “UC Airblade”.

Today our “NEXUS” automatic rewinders for consumer and away-from-home products are always designed by integrating the latest electronic technologies available, making our machine lines unique. Our design has been constantly evolved over time, allowing us to offer a complete range of machines that always meet the specific needs of our customers: the Listen & Respond policy is the basis of our development strategy.

Since innovation and simplification are part of our DNA, in 2012 we developed and patented a new automatic system for folding machines, at the same time designing new alternatives for the folding section. In 2014, we patented a new concept of vacuum application and we created the first United Converting Tissue interfolding machine: our Vista 200.

Over the years, with the growth of projects outside Europe, we have become a global player, with offices in the UK from 2004, USA from 2015, and in Asia (located in Malaysia) from 2018, with the specific intent of constantly supporting our customers and providing them with a reliable, continuous and fast spare parts and services delivery.

In 2020 our corporate structure expanded with the entry of the ISP Group which will accompany our global consolidation, thanks to over 25 years of experience in the global development of medium-sized enterprises in various industrial sectors; a strong and experienced management team will work alongside United Converting Tissue, bringing financial and organizational stability in order to be able to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing market such as the one in which we operate.

ISP Group in cumulated figures 2020


Lead tissue converting simplification through innovation.


Be the engineering boutique in the tissue converting world.


  • Listen & Respond
  • Every customer matters
  • Be there when needed
  • Be smart
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