The S SERIES is the icon of United Converting Tissue technology and represents the most innovative solution in the start-stop rewinder segment. Each motorized component is served by digitally controlled servo-motors and therefore no transmission belts are used; this solution guarantees precise control of paper tension, shorter acceleration and deceleration ramp management times and greater control of the diameter of the finished product. The design with direct independent motorization allows for high efficiency, which, combined with the possibility of excluding unused groups of drives, allows for significant energy savings. Furthermore, the latest generation servo-motors used on the S SERIES adopt an energy recovery system, which, instead of using braking resistors, exploit the inertia of the motors to recover energy, guaranteeing energy savings of up to 50%.

S SERIES: S60 | S70

S SERIES delivers 20% higher productivity than any competitive start-stop line. The S SERIES is the ideal solution where flexible production is required, with reduced volumes, frequent format changes or in case of limited space availability.

  • Production speed: from 600 to 700 m/min
  • Core diameter: from 20 to 87 mm
  • Log diameter: from 90 to 400 mm
  • Modular structure
  • Fully Servo driven
  • Automatic Coreless operation
  • Production:  up to 5000 Tons/year

With 70 + units installed worldwide, the UC Tissue T35 is at the leading edge of industrial logsaw technology. With the new UNICO365 we have moved that edge further forward! A combination of new technology and design optimization developed by UNICO results in improved performance and reliability. UC Tissue heavy duty Logsaw.

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