Away Form Home equipment for quick delivery!

With the surge in demand for Away From Home / Industrial products and the delayed delivery of new equipment caused by supply chain challenges, we are happy to inform you that, along with the equipment we are building on order, we have the following units available for quick delivery!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


Delivery time: 2 Months!

Technical characteristics:

  • Design Cutting Speed 140 strokes/min.
  • Max Cutting Speed 120 strokes/min
  • Max blade diameter 1000 mm
  • Min/Max log dimetter 1 lane: 90/365 mm
  • UNICO365 patented clamping system
  • Max log density: 250 Kg/m³ (Ø 365 mm)
  • Max log length: Up to 2850 mm
  • Cutting length: Variable from panel
  • Motion: Full Servo Driven
  • Certifications: CE/UL
  • Electronic Platform: Allen-Bradley/Rockwell


Delivery time: 4/5 Months!

S60 rewinder can produce rolls with premium winding quality at the highest speed, this thanks to the technologies and solutions used to build the machine some of which are unique on United Converting Tissue Start-Stop lines. The motion on the S60 is fully servo driven, the use of this technology give enormous advantages on start-stop line.

The line is composed by one BD19 Unwinder, an AG30 Embossing unit, S60 rewinder, table accumulator and a UNICO365 Logsaw.

Technical characteristics:

  • Max Working Speed 600 m/min
  • Log Diameter 110 mm to 420 mm
  • Max paper width 2850 mm
  • Max mother roll diameter 1900 mm
  • Rump-up time >= 6’’
  • Rump-down time >= 6’’
  • Core transfer time = 7’’
  • Coreless transfer time (option*) = 7’’
  • Slitting system (options*)
  • Tissue & Nonwoven
  • Motion: Full Servo Driven
  • Certifications: CE/UL
  • Electronic Platform: Siemens

*Integrating option may effect delivery time.


Delivery time: 6 Months!

Nexus 65i is a heavy duty away from home rewinder capable of producing rolls with premium winding, the technical solutions and to patented technologies simplify the set up for high-speed operation.

The line is composed by two BD25 Unwinders, a SIDERIS 50L lamination unit. a Nexus 65i Rewinder, tailselaer mod Selatronic 16i. an La35 accumulator, a UNICO365 Logsaw and a CW60i Industrial coremaker.

Technical characteristics:

  • Design Speed 800 m/min
  • Max Speed 650 m/min
  • Max Cycles 20 / min
  • Finish product ⌀ 105-350 mm
  • Core ⌀ 18-90 mm
  • Max paper width 2850mm
  • Max Mother roll diameter 2500 mm
  • Perf Range 75-150 mm
  • Single/Multi perforation system
  • AirBlade transfer technology
  • Unicore winding technology.
  • Set up form HMI.
  • Motion: Full Servo Driven
  • Certifications: CE/UL
  • Electronic Platform: Siemens