Simplify tissue converting

Simplify tissue converting

Simplify tissue converting” to us it is not a slogan; it is the core of our essence as a company and the commitment we have made to our customers and their needs.

This promise underlines the strong commitment of our company as an engineering boutique, in designing machinery that meets the specific needs of each product in order to help improve the efficiency, reliability and production flexibility necessary for our customers to meet the challenges of their market.

We design high-performance production lines that are both simple to use and maintain and are of course safe for workers. This process is supported by comprehensive and structured training, targeted design consultancy services along with highly efficient and technologically advanced post sales assistance program.

Our research into innovation aims at relating efficiency and simplicity with sustainability and safety. With the ambition to make tissue converting as simple as possible, we model the overall design of the machines around our smart philosophy: simplicity of maintenance and management, reduced energy consumption, thanks to the extensive use of the most modern KERS servo-motors integrated with planetary gearboxes and easy technological upgrade of the individual modules, to ensure maximum value over time for the investments our customers have made.

Why choose United Converting?

Innovation, ease of use, versatility and productive efficiency, customization, sustainability, highly competitive and short production time, improvement of client production processes, reliability over time and final product quality are the main reasons to choose United Converting’s production lines and machinery.

Ease of use and safety
Product and
process innovation
Customization and
Maximum quality
of the finished product

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