Value over time

The technological solutions adopted make any upgrading intervention of the United Converting Tissue machines simple and fast. Thanks to the architecture using direct motorization, each single module of each system is independent and, therefore, easily replaceable and/or disassembled. The value over time of United Converting Tissue‘s equipment is a key priority to us: over time we have developed specific kills in this type of intervention. Each of our new solutions is conceived and designed from the start to be retrofittable to any existing machine, allowing technological upgrades at lower costs.

United Converting Tissue can offer, through its consulting division, a targeted engineering and plant assistance solution in order to optimize any interventions and minimize the lifetime cost with specific design choices. These services are reinforced by up-to-date architectural and technological solutions gathered from what is happening on in the world of tissue converting. Thanks to its presence in three continents,  United Converting Tissue is able to offer assistance, spare parts and emergency response in a very short time, with effectiveness and safety: our offices in the US, UK and Malaysia guarantee reliable coverage on all time zones, with local staff, trained in our technologies and solutions.

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