NEXUS rewinders are designed for tissue paper processing for both consumer and away-from-home use. The design with direct servo motorization, together with the exchange system on which United Converting Tissue has field several patents, allows the Customer to work at high speeds in all simplicity, thanks to a precise control of the paper tension and a simple process management system. Intuitive and flexible, the technological choices adopted ensure that each system is always updated with the latest innovations: there are no standard products in United Converting Tissue, but only solutions that are up-to-date.

Consumer & Industrial

Hybrid configuration available for AFH & Consumer production, with variable winding nest geometry that enables an extensive cross-sector finished product range.

  • Production speed: from 500 to 650 m/min
  • Core diameter 20 to 90 mm
  • Log Diameter 90 to 350 mm
  • Cycle rates from 8/min to 50/min
  • Patented transfer technology
  • Fully Servo driven
  • Production: up to 25.0000 Tons/year

The UC Tissue Nexus UNICORE drive upgraded winding technology allows consumer and AFH lines to be able to control log formation from the point of core pick-up. As well as increasing bulk results the UNICORE system simplifies product settings and can operate winding with mandrels for coreless products.

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