Flesz Sp. z o. o. a fast-growing player specialized in the AFH market selected UC Tissue for capacity expansion

The new fully servo driven line will include a Sideris 50L double embossing lamination with quick embossing roll changeover combined with an S60 rewinder and a robotic coreless system optimized in partnership with Unico Engineering is the result of seventeen years of technology perfectionism that made UC Tissues S-Series lines unmatched in terms of performance, flexibility, and finish products quality.

Mr Maciej Russek, General Manager and Founder of Flesz Sp.z o. o, comments: “This new investment represents another step into the consolidation of our products portfolio which we believe will be positively met by our customers.

We are thankful about the trust that Flesz placed again in our company and technologies, seeing the results of our commitments into helping our customer in their success is extremely satisfying” says Lorenzo Lupi, Sales Director of UC Tissue comments “we will deliver three similar lines in America and Europe in this quarter, this is a strong signal of the recovery of the AFH marker after the 18 months pandemic and give us a lot of optimism of being able to go back to normality”.